Pirate is a unique company specialising in designing and building physical effects to illustrate events that happen in the blink of an eye.

Pirate was founded by three industrial design students leaving the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, over 30 years ago! This strong creative base, supported by the exciting new production technologies (one of the first special effects companies to use CAD and CNC machines in the late 80’s), made Pirate one of the leading models & effects companies in the UK.

During the 90’s, new cinematic techniques such as Motion Control developed, cameras moved faster, filmed faster, and a whole new specialism evolved. Pirate fulfilled the niche, opening a Motion Control Studio and then investing in digital high speed cameras when the quality rivalled that of Photosonic film cameras.

Pirate’s core market is Commercials, with the occasional foray into Features, providing  High Speed cameras and Special Effects for the Bond titles for example. Recent years have seen Stills Photographers shooting stills and moving images and Pirate is ideally placed to offer solutions that combine the two seamlessly.

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