A complex, layered title sequence for 'Crime Scene Investigation New York' featuring a bullet travelling through a number of environments and several apples (= New York, geddit?). Using one of Pirate's air cannons,  ball bearings were fired at apples suspended from the ceiling of Pirate's bunker studio. Pirate's Microsecond Trigger Delay Kit was used to enable the air cannon to trigger the digital high speed camera to begin recording at the instant the ball left the end of the barrel. In order to create crisp, well defined shattering pieces of apple, Pirate first froze some apples in liquid nitrogen to embrittle them. In addition, a Longstrike light was used, giving 100,000kW output for the duration of the take. Other layers, such as the revolving torch at the head of the clip, were shot using Pirate's SD video equipment on the motion control equipment.
DIRECTOR: Dominic Sykes

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