Pirate - Phantom Flex4K, Phantom Flex2K and Phantom HD Gold & Photron Camera Hire for HD & 4K High Speed Filming / Slowmo

Pirate are unique. Established in 1985, Pirate are UK independent high speed specialists with slow motion cameras and related special effects equipment and expertise working in Britain and around Europe. For high speed filming we offer the 3 current Phantom cameras as rental kits - Phantom Flex 4K, Phantom Flex 2K and two Phantom HD GOLD camera rental kits. All Phantom accessories are available, such as HD eyepieces, CineMags & CineStations, battery kit and a hand-held kit, together with a full range of cine lenses & accessories. We also have the Photron Fastcam BC2 camera, capable of shooting HD 1080p at 2,000fps or ultra slow motion 5,400fps at 16:9 Standard Definition. Uniquely, Pirate’s facilities include an effects studio with motion control equipment in West London, providing unrivalled expertise in all aspects of high speed projects, including 3D.

Which slow motion camera is best to hire for your project? Please call Martin or Michael on +44 (0)208 930 5000.

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See this great 3D Phantom HD shot - Kate Moss by Baillie Walsh for AnOther Magazine

LATEST NEWS - The Phantom Flex 4K is impressing our clients with its fantastic 4K images. If you'd like a demo then please come to our studio - you'll be impressed too. In addition to our Canon Superspeed lenses (included in our standard hire), we now offer the Optex Excellence periscope / probe / boroscope system is very popular. Our in-depth High Speed Camera Comparison - see here for the full text and Macbeth chart downloads - has been praised by DOPs and producers alike for its clarity prompting our second article exploring and explaining post workflows for high speed footage - see here for the full text. We have designed, built and tested our Phantom HD Gold adaptation for the underwater housing developed over 40 years by the world renowned Peter Scoones, enabling underwater slow motion shots at up to 450fps. Our stock footage clips are now represented online by SPL Motion.

In addition to providing full crew & equipment, Pirate offer equipment rental too - such as motion controlled hot heads and modelmovers, analogue high speed video for motion analysis work & video assist use and effects equipment.

Located in West London, within easy reach of Central London and Heathrow Airport, we have our own studio for motion control and high speed shoots with ample off-street parking.

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